Members & Attenders

We have a separate site for Members and Attenders which requires a user name and password. 

If you are a member or attender of Wilmington Friends Meeting, there are two options for you to gain access to this portion of the website.

If you have a Google Account...
1. If you are already logged into your Google Account, click the link above.
2. A window will alert you that you have insufficient privileges.
3. Select Request Access. You will receive an email when you have been provided access to this page. The link above should then work for your Google Account.

If you do not have a GMAIL account...
1. Email Informing us that you would like access to the site.
2. We will provide you with a generic Google Account username and password that will allow you access to the link above. 
3. When you click the link above, you will enter the generic Google Account and password before you are able to access the page.